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Will My Plants Come Good Thanks to Police Raid

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After spend 3 weeks in custody Till I got Bail yesterday after be raid by the Queensland Major Crime Squad. Mind you they got 24 plants. I came home to find that these coppers failed to locate 4 plants at my place. These babies have been attack but what appears to be catapilers and there are no leaves left at all.

But on the lower part of the stem on each their is new grow. How will this affect the plant? Or are they too far gone? help ;)

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Guest Wilderbud



28 plants is a shitload of weed for personal supply...

cops [i mean major crime squad] have been to your place and have left 4 plants...

are you sure you want to be growing those 4 plants???


Anyway, you can chop the root system by a third and tip the plant [if most of the leafy stuff is at the bottom] to promote vigorous growth [after it heals of course] but you would probably be best to just start some more seeds if you have them as theyd be stressed a lot.


BTW congrats on lasting 3 weeks - Id be trying to run through walls by that time [calaustophobia]. ;)

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Thanks for the info. Where I had the 4 plants they never looked in that are. Due to the fact they where in pots and were the only ones i got get over the fench. As for lasting 3 weeks in nick I've done 8yrs up in in Queensland for growing. And will not let the governments storm troopers stop me in any way. Have given plants a good feed of Canna Vega A & B plus a dose of liquid vericast as well. I will let them sit for a couple of days and under take what you have said. THANKS. ;)
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Be very careful man,


You are out on bail, but just say they left them there on purpose???

If they come back next week and bust you again, it will be a separate charge which means you will end up in remand nick until you go down. Fuck the plants off imo. Just not worth the risk.


Good luck


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I am all right with these last 4 plants as my next door neighbour has them at his place. There is no way the MCS (Major Crime Squad) knew about these as I got them over the fence as the smashed their way through the front gates. But will keep them there for the next couple of months. I am just worried i will lose these babies.


As Ikeep to myself most of the time, I do not go out to score and find it's hard to obtain seed. A couple of jail laggings for growing is never gonner stop me from growing.


But thank you for the advise. I am proud to be a member of ozstoners. each member gives advise that is close to their hearts, which I admire and I thank you.

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Do you live in the country then? I'd consider moving. Now they know about you its only a matter of time before they come back. I know a bloke in Vic who gets raided annually. As dumb as two thick planks. Keeps them upstairs in a barn with no roof. The cops even know where to look each time. If you are going to grow there in future then I suggest getting stronger gates to buy more time.
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