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help me get fat buds


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hello everyone,im growing skunk#1 in pots and potting mix showing sighs of flowering but hope they keep growing to the end of summer what flowering nutes are good for flowering potash batshit etc?i want fat buds so experienced growers please help,and when should plants kick in to full flower im hoping after summer thanks and goodluck to everone
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Hey there big smoker...


To a large degree, the size of your buds is determined by the genetics of the plant. Then the environment starts to kick in.


Give em lots of light, as much as they can handle, and keep them in the optimum ranges as much as is practical. The basics of growing really, air, water, light, nutrients, and medium. ;) Get them into the good ranges and the plant will do it by itself.


So really, just nutes are not going to make all the difference in your grow, if you don't have the other factors in the reasonable proportions then you'll experience corresponding limitations or problems with growth. Some are worse than others, and the MJ plant is a tough species, you can grow plants in a lot of conditions and still get a reasonable harvest, but general rules in growing the species apply to all of them, with minor variance for landraces and cultivars specific preferences...


lalalalalal I'm boring you. ;)


Anyway, try using a good soil specific, balanced MJ nutrient, which you can find at any good hydroponics shop. Depending on the media and make up of the soil, these are likely to be the easiest to use, and most complete food for your plant you could get on the market. You could get great buds with other products, potash and various soluble blossom boosters for other ornamental or flowering plants, but unless you have no access to them, hydroponic nutrients are usually the best way to go. ;) They're usually based for use on MJ in the first place, which is something most other nutrients out there can't claim, ;) now that I think about it most of the MJ specific nutes can't claim that themselves, but you'll know which ones we're talking about.


You could have a look at the local garden centers, and say you're growing a tomato patch and need some fruiting fertiliser, these are usually compatible with MJ's needs. If you do note deficiencies, you may have to make suppliments of trace elements to the fert, like epsom salts... which is why it's usually easier just to go get a mj specific nute.




I'm having a regular post a thon today....


Oh, and your plants will not really be able to stop themselves from flowering outdoors unless you can shorten the night period for them. It's determined by the day length, (really the night length) so when the nights get longer and the days shorter, (this begins after Summer Solstice, the longest day) the plants are triggered at varying lengths of darkness according to their genes. Some will flower at 15/9, others won't until they reach the 12/12 levels we use in indoor growth most of the time. It's something you can't control, without supplimental lighting or shading in summer. The flowering period can be long, so don't despair. It's getting later into summer already, if the flowering response is just starting, (count back 1-2 weeks before the first flowers appear) then you should be looking at a good couple months till harvest mate, depending on strain it could be longer or shorter.


Good luck mate, I hope this post has helped, let me know if I don't make sense, and I'll try and clear my typing to explain better. ;)


How about a pic man? That makes us haaaaaaaaapy. ;)

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Anyway, try using a good soil specific, balanced MJ nutrient, which you can find at any good hydroponics shop.
One thing I learnt as a tradesman, always use the right tool for the job, if you are growing in soil then you should use a soil type fertiliser, I would look for an organic one myself (some of these are used in hydro to).


Lukes post may be long but as usual it is full of useful information, I would read it a couple of times. ;)

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Hee Hee, I can't resist a good rant now can I? :;):


And yeah, pipe makes a good point, tis far, far better to use less than more, and most would agree that a half strength solution is usually an excellent rate to grow your plants under. If you can get a truncheon or similar e.c. meter, then I'd do so, as they're bloody excellent tools for measuring solution strength. (Overall, not individual tho, and it may not help with organics...)


I usually go for 1/5 for seedling stage, moving up to a total of around 2.4 or so, maybe a little higher if the plants look like they can handle it. My water and local nutes may be very different to yours tho, and you should research these subjects thoroughly.


Ph adjustment is also important mate, you know what the ph is of your soil? ;)


ladidahdidahdidahdidahdidah.... I'm going to stop before I go through everything about growing in one post. ;) ;)

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Do your your self a favor and try to use all organic materials if you can( I use composted chook shit for nitrogen, compsted banna pell for potsum and ect). The reson I say this is because some fertilizers contain large amounts of heavy minrals e.g. murcury, cadnium and alsorts of other bad suff so if you do decide to use fertilizers evan organic ones READ what thay contain. Also put some earth worms in your pots, worm castigs are great for mj plants.


P.S sorry about my bad spelling :D

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