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Taking clones from a flowering plant


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To All that can help


I was wanting to take a clone from one of my females to ensure i get another female. However it is obviously late in the season and I know that a clone would not grow much before budding.


If i take a clone from a lower shoot that is flowering, will it still be successful? Can i do this by getting some rooting gel and then putting it straight into good soil? (and keeping it hydrated) .


By the way, what is reveg?


Any ideas, tips, and advice would be greatly appreciated!!






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Yes u could still take a clone but as u said it is a little late in the year for takeing a clone for out doors growing but it u want to do it get ya self some cloneing hormone and maby a cf or 2 and put it under until it takes then u can put it back out side but u will get sweet fa off it, reveging is were u have grown your plant and taken all the bud off it and let grow againe getting all new groth on it most ppl dont reveg as it takes a bit of time but it can be worth it as the second time around u will have a lot more bushy plant but if it is left out side in winter the frost can kill it real quick so if u could build a little green house over it to keedp the frost off it should make it to next summer and u will have an even better plant.
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Guest BudWaver

yeh u can take clones offf a flowering plant...its easier to do when they havent been flowering for so long but it still works late into the season on skimpy budded ungrowth sites...my most recent clones taken off a mtes flowering plants had white fibres all over but stil produced roots in 1.5 weeks in large cubes


Revegging...leave lots of your smaller buds on as that where your plants will reveg from...24 hours light..and truckloads of it..lots of growth nutes NOT bloom...once they ahve revegged in 1.2 to 4 weeks then provided you have the root room you will have some pretty massive yielding plants

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Take the clones and put them into your favourite cloning media (you will have several suggestions on the best one in the next few posts ;) ), and put them indoors under compact fluorescents with either 18/6 or 24/0 light/dark cycle as for normal vegging. They won't seem to do anything for a while as they will have to revert (change back) from the flowering cycle before they start to grow again. The first leaves will be single bladed, the next 3 bladed and so on until they start showing normal growth, and don't worry as it is normal for a reverting plant to look pretty weird.
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