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This is an old post eh, but unanswered and I bored and its early, and the taste of dope is the greatest thing in the world, dope has the widest range of aromas then any other plant in the world you know, I'm sure the perfume industries could be making millions of it, I know I wish my missus smelt like fine dope.


Anyway the taste queen for me is romulan, this shit has the most amazing but odd flavour in the world, its really candied, but really musty, like catpiss, and herbal and spicy sweetness like basil. Really fucking strong flavoured dope. its a main course bud, most of the nice tasting bud is extremely sweet dessert bud, but this one is savoury, very sweet and sour, the potency is nothing special and the yields are very unspecial, but for flavour alone this plant will never ever leave my garden. Even though its a cunt to grow, needs alot of pruning and thinning, side branching is as strong as main branching, so need to snip the lower stuff early.


#2 is bubblegum, not near as pungent a smell or strong flavour as romulan but absolutely beautiful sweetness, strong sweet flavour without bite, very smooth smoking, smoke to most would just be sweet, but if ya really close your eyes and pretend you can imagine the bubblegum smell, like that bubble-tape stuff, smoke tastes like fairy floss kinda, someone here ages ago said it was a bit "girly", thats the best description for it, unlike romulan bubblegum has an excellent high, very up happy buzz from indica plant, not strong, but great when you've smoked a ton.


#3 is jack herer, sweet tropical fruit smell, sweet spicy taste, pineapples, mangoes, etc.. very fruity and tropical. strong tasting spicy shit, exhale is very spicy and tickles the throat a bit. The fact its extremely potent and trippy is a good bonus. Most haze hybrids have a real nice spicy taste, but I reckon JH is gold.


Romberry was a nice one i used to have, very sweet, taste was more berry then romulan, real stinker too, wasnt worth keeping for smell alone though, uhhm flo is another nice tasting weed, spicy and harsh and fruity again, but not such a tropical smell as jack herer, more of a winter fruit salad :D anyways, taste is very spicy and harsh, but leaves a nice moreish sweet resinny taste in mouth. I havent tried crap all dope strains compared to wats out there though, havent even tried me blueberry and its fairly well reknowned as some of the finest tasting weed. The most reknowned weed for its taste is aeric's 77 cali O clone, elitist american growers grow this clone and say its the best taste in the world, apparently california orange seeds around are nothing like it, the old clone is meant to smell super strongly of sweet orange and taste like orange lollies. I want me some, was gonna be available as seeds 2nd of april from Classic Clone Company (a company that is creating all female seeds from elite clones) but that apparently wont be happening for a long time now. :D


hope you find a strain to suit your tastes, there is a heap of wonderful flavoured weed strains. heres a weed flavour relationship chart from dj short.


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