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Mediums, Mediums, Mediums...

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Greetings All...


Has anyone done any experiments with using different grow mediums for different plants during the same grow (or even different grows) and found that one medium is particularly better than another?


I guess this is a subjective topic as different mediums could all produce good results for different people.


Just wondering.

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Guest Wilderbud

You get fastest growth with 'no medium' and slowest with soil - clayballs are the best media I know of for producing quick growth when a medium is used. You get better taste when marijuana grows slowly apparently so theres a trade-off [i rarely consume tasty hydro but most bush tastes great].


I havent put plants side-by-side in different mediums and never will because I can predict the results [different heights and finishing times isnt the easiest to manage].


You might get larger, heavier and a more evenly ripe plants when using hydro but only the ripeness would matter to me and if the weeds good enough then it shouldnt really matter too much if you pick it early/late.

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I tend to a mix of supercoarse perlite and use Expanded Clay balls as drainage layers in my hydro systems if needed. :rolleyes: Perlite is a great media, just make sure you pick up a supercoarse brand and you'll love it. :P


I've grown hydro mj and veggies for a while now, and I keep coming back to perlite. And it can be reused, a wash in a large bucket of water will clean it, just scoop the floating perlite pieces on the top after dunking a few times. Sure it's messy, but so are expanded clay balls.... :P


p.s. perlite is a great garden additive for pot plants and garden beds too, aiding drainage. :D

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I have used everything out there over the years.


I now use perlite/vermiculite 70/30 respectivly. I top off the pots with an inch of grow rocks, which keeps the medium in place when my table fills. Ebb Flow. The rocks on top also stop a lot of the green shit forming on the top of the medium. The perlite is just too drainy for the first few weeks for my liking, hence the vermiculite 30%. With this mix, I have got my best yeilds. Everyone has their preference, They all mostly work.

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I have been thinking about using those little clay balls for a while now, instead of perlite. At least you can use them over and over again.

a word of warning from past experience,clean ALL old roots from your clay balls or you could pay a very large price down the track

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