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100watt flouros

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yeah I think it was 135 watts or some shit, I cant be fucked to look at it... it hurts my eyes.

Anyway you get a plug adapter and it changes a HID control gear plug (2 flat one round) to a 240V type(3 flat).I got another one at cost for 50$ and the adpater was 5$.

The shop was the one in Hurstville or Blakehurst or some shit.

Some cunt with cotton wool in his ear and a funny hat served me, looked like he got dehydrated, then rehydrated or some shit..some government experiment shit or soemthing , I dunno..fucken weird but.

And there was this other cunt with a big zit on his chin, and a motorcross bike, kind of cross eyed looking cunt, looked like he should have been selling vacuum cleaners or some shit, his head was too big for his body, I dunno maybe another experiment, you cant tell these days .

Its cool if you dont want your veges to grow to fast while you make room in your flower room or some shit .I still like to beef up under HID for a week before I put em to flower.

But real nice for mothers and clones and shit.A good addittion to any grow room, IMPO.




Keep on pimpin them ladies



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