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my plants are tiny

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Hey there lovemebucket, I'll move this into the general growing forum for ya. ;)


But yeah, those plants sound like something is definitely wrong. Could be any number of things, but the most efficient way to find out what's wrong would be either to show a pic, and describe the entire growroom/environment, as well as the history of the plant and what you've done to it. That will make it much easier to id the potential prob.


Don't worry, mj plants are fairly tough, although if you've been growing them for 2 months and they're tiny it may be better to just start again afresh. We'll be able to give you a better opinion on the subject after you've given a little more information, and ultimately a pic.


In the meantime, check out the growfaq, consider all the potential problems in the major categories, (air, water, light, nutrients, medium, ph etc...) and through a process of elimination you should find the problem. ;)


Hope this helps, and I'll look forward to helping your bubs either put out, or shove of and get yourself some new bubbas to sprout and grow. :D Talk to you soon. ;)

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Cupboard grow (approx. 1mtr square)

Plants grown from seed (unsure of strain)

400W HPS (80cm above plants, 22hrs ON/ 2 OFF)

6 x 2 gallon pots

Potting soil (PH 6-6.5)

Small Osolating fan

Large extraction fan

Watering (approx. 1 cup a pot/day)


Was feeding them nutes (Head On Grow) after 2 weeks but seemed to burn them, they should have recovered by now tho?? that was 6 wks ago..

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That light might be too close. I had the same problem with a 400W HPS at 100cm. I've moved it 130cm away and they seem to be recovering.


I think Fluro's are better to start seedlings. You can keep the light close and avoid them stretching.


P.S. best not to start on the nutes until the cotyledon leaves (the little round ones) have turned yellow, and even then best to start them at quarter strength and build up.

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Guest BudWaver

yeh first try raising the light up to see if that hepls em..seedlings like diffused light not intense light..if that dont work...


how old is yer globe in yer light? at 80cm for a 2 year old globe that would be like giving them a miniscule amount of light


perhaps try lowering the light to 45 cm

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Place your hand on the highest part of your plant & lower the light till it feels comftable. Plants like tempreatures that humans are comftable in, so use the back of your hand (knuckle side towards light) to see if the heat off the LIGHT is not too hot. Remember to leave your hand under the light for ten minutes, your plants well be under the lights for long periods.


MODS & MEMBERS, correct me if im wrong.


~ peace out

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