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A latte a day keeps rootrot away?


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Just popped in to share this:

We had this real pretty friend of GF's down over xmas and she grows out

door up north. She said she puts used coffe grinds in the bottom of her pots and holes to stop rootrot. I'd never heard of it, but I told stinky pete and he said "yeah, that works good in pots" so there ya go. I dunno if it works, just passin it on. She's grown a lot of pot though. Hmmm, and hot too. God bless nature.


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Stinky Pete has an Atari and right now he is playing Asteroids in wireframe. I must get some pics of his next harvest but it will be a while as I only dropped him down some clones las weekend. Hope everyone is well and toasted.

C U soon-ish

(soon as my head explodes and I have to go into early retirement)


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