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anyone know where i can get a 150HPS in nsw?

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all the shops in sydney are hopeless i rang simple grow,accent hydroponics,hydroshop,R & D aquaponics and a few others they dont and cant get in stock the 150hps im up shit creek :D i think a 250hps will be to hot for my 3sq of growing space in my cabnet + coming into summer does anyone know of a shop that'll sell one? even interstate....

thanks guys



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*grabs Hydromasta catalogue* www.hydromasta.com.au


Yep, it seems these guys have a low wattage kit. 150 watt lowbay thing with control gear for $220. That's the catalogue price tho, you may be able to talk em down. That doesn't come with a lamp either, so then you have to find one of those, too.


Not cheap. For a tiny bit more than that you could get a 400w son T kit, a decent fan for your space, and a light dimmer for those hot summer months - I am pretty sure HID lighting works with dimmers but don't quote me on that, I've never tried it :D

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HID lighting does NOT work with dimmer switches. Do not attempt this.


You should be able to find a 200w unit I think... or am I thinking of a 250? Prob the latter. If you're still having trouble getting one from either here or o/s without tremendous expense then I'd have to say you may want to just rethink the equation. You might be able to manage with a tube style cooler for your lamp, but this could be difficult to maintain in a small space...


I hope you manage mate, I'll certainly look forward to any posts of your grow in the future with this light, I've been considering a micro for a while now... :D amongst about a gazillion other things....


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