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Which ferts do you use?

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Just wondering which ferts people are using for outdoor. I've got some Yates Thrive, All Purpose Soluble with a NPK of 27-5.5-9 (I've heard a ratio of at least 2-1-1 is best for veg). I thought I'd get in early before flower time to see what people are using for flowering. I've heard 1-2-2 is the best ratio for flowering, but the only thing close to that at Bunnings so a slow release non-soluble fert which is applied every 6 weeks. I don't really think that would suffice? Your thoughts peoples??
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I put most my fert in the ground before I planted - dug the patch about 3 foot down and fillled with dynamic lifter (natural dried chook) sheep poop and cow poop, good compost helps too - also used Maxicrop (soluble) during the growth period. Just be careful you don't burn the plants. If someone can help me out with how to transfew my photo's over I show one of the almost finished product.

B) B)

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i think fucking around with ferts outside is a bit of a waste of time, the idea with outdoor as i see it is: Organic!

i've been stuffing around with different stuff & was giving my plants a bit of a thrashing, i settled on Thrive & Seasol, now just using Seasol alone and not very often, what you need is excellent soil and this will provide all your nutes and everything your plants need, god gave us all the seed bearing plants on the earth to be grown in it's soil. Nothing will 100% effectively 'increase' organic quality (humans take steroids for example has it's pros and cons).

Seasol through veg & a bit of maxicrop when they first start budding really makes for an impressive plant in my experience. It's all trial and error but and thats what i've come down to.


As far as controlled release ferts go, if you choose to use ferts still, such as Osmocote (6 months gradual release) you can't flush them out of the soil, so come harvest time and after drying and your bud tastes like shit and burns your mouth you'll know why.


I think i would cry if i had my whole crop turn out unsmokable, (i'd probably try to smoke it anyway lol) but smoking ferts is really shithouse and can be nausea inducing. Even after the 6 months they aren't flushed from the soil properly, i thought about using it for the first 6 months then switching to a soluble but really i would advise against them.


Hope i've helped.

It's great to see outdoor growers, good to know everyones not being pushed indoors.


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