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water crystals


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what a really good website for growers,the best i think,hope you pros can help?and hello and good luck to everyone,what are the best ways to use water cyrstals in pots?if plants are in hot dry temps,how long could they go with out water?still want good healthy=4 days youse think?if give good water before the next,do water cyrstals affect weed as ive heard it make weed taste like plastic,love organics,maybe covering the top of the pots with panda plastic/bark to keep moisture in,what do youse think?p.s big pots
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hey BS

there r other ways to set up your pots to go 4-5 days between watering by layering the bottom 6" with moss then u make a mix of coco

peat with perlite, guano, dynamic lifter and vermiculite give a good mix

and fill pots.

then remember to cover each pot's top with 2-3" of pea srtaw oh

and forget thoose water crystals not needed, this method goes 4-6 days between waterings but as a rule of thumb i make sure they get it every 4 days...i hopoe this helps cheers..WS :D

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