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where to get these conversion bulbs in australia?

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trying to find one of these lights in sydney is looking for a needle in a hay stack! i rang a few hydro shops they wouldnt have a clue what i was talking about let alone have 150 watt bulbs in stock and i thought simple grow was ment to be a huge hydro shop? my ass they are hopeless

why is it so hard to find the correct light to grow 1-2 plants! grr so frustraiting :D

yes US uses 110v and we use 240v but the power goes thru the ballast first.... it doesnt matter what country the bulbs come from its all the same it just the ballast have to be suited to the volts

www.1000bulbs.com reckon importing the bulb will cost more than the bulb but yet i done a caculation on www.usps.com and it only worked out to be about AUD $20



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True, but it's a bloody fragile item, I'd say you'd be paying for special care to be taken with said item, (insurance, superduper delivery etc) to make sure it gets to you intact.


I know you've probably given this a heck of a lot of thought, but have you considered going the flouro route? You may have trouble getting envirolights, (see thread started by kimba on this) but you can get 48w compact flouros, and 28w too, which can make for a potential large lumen capacity. Penetration won't be much, but with some clever work with reflectors and as it sounds you're working on a micro grow anyway, so it's something I think could have merit... particularly considering you're having a lot of trouble finding the lamp you're after....


You can get 200w units... Would even that be too much with extra efforts taken for venting?


Hope that helps. :D

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insurance yes not all the other stuff i would be happy with 7-10 day delivery it wouldnt be that fragile! i had my 600watter bulb drop 3 1/2 foot to the floor the other day fuck i shit! :D but it wasnt damaged.... so if this shop in the US would ship it to me i would tell them to wrap it in 3 inch thick bubble wrap all round or thicker that should do the trick



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