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Bonsai MJ plant, anyone got any ideas? :)


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Myself and my best mate have been growing together since the start of this batch, and have come along an interesting plant, its like a bonsai tree !


its only about 6 - 8 inches tall, but is already developing preflowers, and has been outdoors all its life, which is about 10 -12 weeks! Anyone have any idea why, or what strain it may be? I know there are differences between grow times of different strains, but this is plain weired!


here is a photo


*And i will post again after this with a photo of its sister, my baby who has been growing for the exact same amount of time in the same enclosure, weired.


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One could be a sativa, the other an indica. I wouldnt worry too much amount trying to determine their origin - unless you can trace it back somehow you've got very little chance of working this out just by looking at it (beyond size giving some indication).


You've also got the 2nd plant in a smaller container, this is probably one of the reasons its not as big as its sister.

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