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GROW! Please grow? Please?

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Firstly, I want to say hello, from the U.S.A.


I have grown a couple successful plants, but lately I have had a problem. Here it goes: I have started four different crops within like the past 2-3 months. I have no problem germinating, or sprouting. That occurs without a hitch, but that is about the end of it. The plants don't even develop the first set of 3 bladed leaves. When they sprout they are kinda yellow, but after a day under the cotyledons are green, and they are standing up straight. From there the first set of real leaves grow in, and then they just seem to stop growing from that point. I have no idea what it is wrong. The first time I had some schultz gardening soil, and it was like really heavy, so I thought that was the problem. However, since then I have bought two other kinds of soil(scotts potting soil, miracle grow potting soil) , and the problem is still there.


I also thought maybe it was just bad seeds, but since the first time I have used 3 different strains. Then I though maybe it was high temps under the HID, so I made a seedling box with a couple flourescents. The temps were lower, and the problem is still there. Then I got a pH tester for water to check my water. It is incredibly high, over 7.6 pH. I thought that was the problem, so I bought some pH down, and adjusted it to 6.4-6.8 range, and that hasn't worked either.


I smoke ciggs too, so I thought maybe I passed on a virus such as TMV. This time I never touched my plants without washing hands first, and then using gloves, and the problem still persists. I give the plants like 2 weeks and if they don't grow I usually pitch them and start over.


Here are the plant symptoms: No matter what strains I grow the stems are always a really deep dark purple. I mean really dark. The leaves don't seem to grow in all the way. They grow up to a point, and stop. Then the next set of leaves tries to push it's way through, and the tip of the new growths come up a little bit and then the plants just stop growing completely. The last 3 times the plants went 2 weeks and never grew a set of 3 bladed leaves. This grow (White Widow and K2) they are 8 days old, and are ahead of the others at 8 days, but I am noticing the growth stopping. The new growth tried to push up, but they haven't grown at all in the past 3 days. I am getting so frustrated, and I really need this weed, and I am just getting tired of trying.


So, I figure it can't be the seeds because I have used 3 different strains. It can't be the soil because I have used 3 different kinds. It can't be my water because I have adjusted it. It can't be the heat which is around 80F under the HID because I tried another grow box with flouros with the temps around 70-75F. Has anyone ever experienced this, or know how I can correct this? Thanks for reading my long long post. A short answer is more than enough. :rolleyes: Thanks.

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check the PH of your soil. you want something betwen 6.2 and 6.8 ideally. Some potting mixes can be alkaline which is no good for growing mj.


also try a seed raising mix or low fert mix. Your mixes may be too strong and are burning the seedlings.


how big are your pots and how often do you water? are you adding any nutes to the water?


how powerful is your light? how far away from the plants is it?

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know I have to check the pH. I don't have a pH tester because I lost mine when I moved. I ordered one off the net, but it will probably be a week or so before it arrives. I grew in the Miracle Grow before, but I know the pH can vary by the bag. The miracle grow is preferted, and the very tips of the first two leaves are burnt. The Scotts soil that I used once isn't preferted, yet it still caused some burnt tips. I don't use any ferts until the cotyledons fall off. That's if it isn't preferted. If it's preferted then I usually don't use any ferts until flowering. I start them off in about 12 oz plastic cups and put them under 2 compact flourescents that are 2600 lumens each in about 1 sq ft. (4 plants) After a week I move them into 1 gallon pots, and put them under 400 watt MH. When they are in the cups they dry out fast so I water about every 2-3 days, byt in the gallon pots they don't dry out as quickly. I have a water meter just to be safe and I only water when the meter reads 1 which is bone dry. Maybe I should add about 10% peat moss to my medium in case it is alkalinity? If the pH is off I would bet money that it is too high instead of too low.
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Thanks for reminding me. I think it must be my pH, because the root systems on my plants are excellent. That's something I don't get. The roots are nice and white, and grow through the bottom, and around the sides of a 12 oz cup in about a week. It confuses me why the root systems do so well yet they never have any new growth. My last 3 grows went 2 weeks with only having the set of one bladed leaves, and this one is 8 days old and pretty much at the same stage. Thanks for your help though. I guess I have to wait until my pH meter comes, and maybe start over again.
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If they are forming great root sysytems early on, but are fucking out after you re-pot them, maybe its in your handling, or transplant shock?


what happens if you leave them after they seem to stop growing, or do you just turf them out?


good luck man, I hope you work it out


ps i know fuck all about growing, I'm just having a guess :wacko:

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