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White Widow

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Has anyone tried this. It is from a company that sells the seeds and has a write up on each type of plant:



Taste: The major player is a freshness laced with many fruits, but because of the strength of the crystals - the only real taste goes hand in hand with the expectorant effects of the THC. You better try it for yourself. Smell: A strong pungency first hits you, then follows a sour sweetness with the final whiff ... turning sweet. If a plant could have a strong body odour then the White Widow needs a deodorant

Visuals: If you have ever seen a green plant grown in a snowfall then that's it. It has a dense covering of the sort of hairy crystals we all craving for.

Touch: If you manage to touch this plant without sticking to the leaves or stem then you probably did not grow it properly. It has intense crystal formation that needs to be touched to be believed!

Stone: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.

Family Heritage: Originally the union came from a Brazilian and an Indian - Suffice to say the combination is 60: 40 sativa to indica ratio. Vegetative Time: At least 2 to 4 weeks if on Bio. On Hydro it is only recommended to grow it for 2 weeks.

Flowering Time: On both mediums it is suggested to flower (12 hour light) the White Widow for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after. We suggest the final 2 weeks of the flowering cycle to turn the lights off altogether - or at least down to 8 hours. This keeps the flowers from regrowth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower...try it.


Lets know what you think. :)

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wade ounce Posted on Dec 26 2003, 05:04 PM

  under correct growing conditions, would anyone have an estimated yield for outdoors.? 


No idea, Cannagenetics could have one, but the question is so subjective it's kinda hard to answer... One grower could grow it under "correct growing conditions" and get 20 ounces, another could get 10, (those are just totally pulled out of the air, I haven't grown it so I wouldn't really know.... ;) ) it's a variable thing really, not to mention that the plants called "white widow" out there are more likely to be knock offs or even totally unrelated plants, to what's the "true" strain by that name. So yeah, it's hard to say.... :)


Yeild isn't so much an issue as quality for me really. My current strain isn't tremendous on the yeild scale of things, but the quality is A1 and that's what I'm after really. :P

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i'm currently growing this strain now. the plant really does have a strong oder, it is an extremely slow growing strain so i would not recommend for anyone impatient. it has been 6 weeks growing and the plants are only up to 5-6 nodes.


you've stunted them mate, no fault of the seed co.


Anyways If you want white widow, buy great white shark instead, its same but frostier and heavier, both don't have piss all smell and no plant smells strong at 5-6 nodes.

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