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Low Watt Lights

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Sick Toys. 1/4 of the energy i.e. 125watt = 500watt Hid and cool! Cool enough to place a lot closer to the ladies.


That's it I suppose. They're the same as the energy saving bulbs only a lot bigger. There's a new one just hit Australia of 200watt with a seperate small blue ballast (about 5cm *10cm*4cm) that suppose to be better than a 600 watt HiD. The 125 watters and less have a ballast in the bulb mounting.


They come in two flavours 6400K (blue spectrum) and 2700K (red spec)


I can't give the links, do your own search.


I can't really give them a %100 stamp of approval as I have only had them for less than one month BUT I can say I have had marked growth in that time.


WARNING: Cheap asian copies of 130 watt supposed the same light as a 65 watt.


Also think four times the light for 1/4 the price and no heat?




P,S. Too the powers that be, please don't delete ME! ;)

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O.K O.K I was nervous that my posting would be deleted so I left out the links.

No "Sick toys" is a description nothing more. Look at www.fearlessgardener.com for more info.

What else can be said. I think the power and heat thing will make these the new standard for indoor gardening lighting.


They are also selling a new dirt mix and nutes which though I've heard great things about I am dubious to change from Coco Cana since it works so well. He also has these sick "air tables" that flood drain by using an air pump on a timer. Cool.


The new lights are going really well (week five). Same as a 600 watt HiD but using two 125 watt on a double shade over a 4 x 2 foot table. I also replaced my small flouro bank for the clones with a 125 watt blue one. The clones are powering, but they always do anyway. I have bought two new 200 watt lights on Friday but I havent set them up yet. The rest of fearlessgardeners stuff is to hit the shores (container) in about a month which is a pain but anyway...



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