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Weed plant generations...


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on a question of mine.

I'm not exaclty sure what its called, but you know when you have one plant, grow it and then take a cutting, grow that one and then harvest each different plant after taking a cutting? I think thats what like Northern Lights #5 is, the fifthe generation? Hopefully this is right.

Anyway does this in anyway decrease potency of the plant? I have one friend who believes no, in fact after the say fifth or so generation the weed gets really good. However then I have heard others say this isnt right, and it in fact harms the quality of the herb.

Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated:)

Thanks and keep toking



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eventually after 1000's of clones are taken there can be like a genetic breakdown and the plant can lose vigour, but generally plants are cloned hundreds of times and shared all over the place, many strains only exist in the form of clones, which are shared through medicinal clubs, etc...


as for Northern Lights #5, it has nothing to do with cloning.


This Neville Guy got 4 related Northern Lights clones from the US, as northern lights was already an existing seed strain, but he got clones for some reason, anyway one clone was backcrossed with a haze plant, one clone backcrossed with a thai plant etc..... all we're backcrossed 3 times, so they are only 12% sativa, and the rest is the pure indica original clone genetics. anyways all the lines had different attributes. Northern Lights #5 was the one with a bit of haze, #2 had some thai. anyways nothing to do with the fifth clone.


and yeah sometimes the clone of the original clone of the seedling you grew seems more potent and vigourous, its probably due to the genetic age of the plant, like how alot of growers claim plants with a longer vegetative time produce more potent buds.


But in the end the clone is genetically exactly the same as the plant you took it from and nothing can change that except mutagens or extreme stress.

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