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I would suggest having a read through the outdoor growing forum and the Grow "FAQ" and coming back asking more specific questions. It makes it much easier for people to help if you ask specific questions. General questions can get you anything from a one word response like Wilderbud's to a War and Peace length post from young Skywalker.


PS - Welcome to Oz Stoners :(

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Hee hee....


Yeah, details man, what do you know and what don't ya? If you know nothing about it then you should spend some time learning about it from here... read through the forums, check out the search feature and the growing faq forums, and you should be able to gain a basic knowledge of what you need to start up. :(


I resent the implication that my posts are long winded and somewhat obnoxious.... there is not one iota of justification for such a slanderous accusation and I refute it completely and utterly... The regular lambasting of my elucidation of the english language vis a vis the growing of the plant Cannabis satvia (Lindley) is something of a sensitive issue with my fragile ego, and I would be most appreciative if more circumspection was observed when commenting on the somewhat eccentric idiosyncracies I display on occasion in my replies to otherwise simple questions. :(


:D :(

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