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Three open hermie flowers-what to expect?

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Oh shit. They showed up fast.


Day 30 in 12/12.


Three open flowers. 18 other plants. Some of these plants are behind the others in the flower cycly by one to two weeks.


So, we killed the hermie. We are wondering how long it usually takes the seeds to show up in the female buds.


I don't know how many seeds I'll get. The open flowers were on the bottom of the plant and not adjacent to other flowers, but still, they were open.


No light leaks, but this plant did have a bad nute lockout problem in veg.


Can three flowers "ruin" a crop?


I am thinking doom and gloom. My wife is a bit more optomistic.


Is there a way to get that pollen out of the room? Will The plants that have just a few small pistils be safer than the more mture plants?


Thanks (pretty bummed)

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Hey Geckoeyes the main thing is that u got that sucker out, amd hopefully it did not drop too much pollion, how is the air movement in your chamber is there a lot as that could of have spread it all through ya grow area as well, so it could be a little hard to tell but getting a little bit of seed IMO is not too bad as long as the buds dont become full of seed, but i think u will be ok.
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You should be able to spot if any of the nearby flowers have been pollinated... 30 days in? Then just about all of the stigmas (hairs) should still be white, the ones which turn brown and start to swell are the seeded ones... how long is the strain supposed to flower for? :(


Anyway, air movement, as ozmade has said, is the principle factor... you may not have any fans down there, but your intake is below the canopy of the plants, right? And the extraction fan above? Then the air is slowly, but surely cycling upwards from the bottom to the top... and as pollen is extremely light, (it is a wind pollinated plant after all) it will likely be everywhere in there. A single male flower can contain enough pollen to screw a whole female plant.. but it depends on a lot of factors... If you caught em early enough, then you should have minimal seeding... but if they've been open a couple days, then I wouldn't be too surprised if you get a largely pollinated crop. You should be able to tell fairly quickly, like I said earlier, the fertilised flowers will quickly swell and the stigmas will turn red... Much faster than they would if allowed to go to maturity.... And from the sounds of it that's a fair way off?


Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but still, don't pull the crop yet... they'll still produce buds even if they're seeded, although the potency won't be as strong, if it's only a couple of nearby plants which are fertilised then the overall crop could still be okay... maybe not sinse but close to it... I don't know of anything you can use for removing pollen from a room you still have plants in, as the stuff is pretty pervasive... Once you've finished with this one tho you should cleanse the whole room and everything in it with bleach or a similar agent... This should clear out any possible remaining pollen from the room for the next crop... although it doesn't last that long once released, there's always the chance, and I wouldn't take it if I were you....Oh, and if you've been handling any male flowers, make sure you are totally clean before touching females... that means shower and changing clothes... seriously. :D


I hope your crop isn't buggered mate, and I'll look forward to seeing how they turn out for ya... keep us updated on their progress hey? :(

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The harvest for many of the plants is about 25 days away.


I have some clones that I put is 7 days before the flowers appeared. If they have very small pistils, I would assume that they probably would not be as pollenated. I know the factor of the pollen being in the room is there, but don't the females have to be a little more mature to produce the seeds? Or am I off base here?

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asking the wrong person mate, the only seeds I ever made were by accident. :(


although I remember reading that it is best to pollinate earlier rather than later to make sure your seeds are given enough time to mature properly. seeds need at least 4 weeks they say. obviously strains and growing conditioing would vary that time frame.

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