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if rooted indoors then taken outdoors

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There are a lot of variables there, like strain, age of plant when cloned, vigour of clones when taken and when put out into outdoor growth, and a myriad of other things... the biggest one would be the environment, i.e. the light and temps outdoors. The closer to the equator you get, the less the difference between winter and summer light hours... so at the bottom of australia, summer days are really noticeably longer than winter ones, and the further north you go, the lesser that difference becomes. :(


This will affect the clones differently according to how you've rooted them. If they've had no light break in the cloning process, then taking them outdoors into what will obviously be a longer dark period, may trigger an early flowering response... however, they should realise eventually that the light hours are lengthening, or staying fairly static, and get back into the vegging groove. How long this may take is anyones guess, because of the multitudinous variables involved, but 2 -4 weeks from putting outside to revertion would be around right. Of course, as it's already summer, and the solstice is coming up, (longest day of the year, and when it changes from being longer to shorter days progressively.) so they may get a signal to flower regardless of how many hours of light there are outdoors. This could be a big problem, as a small clone will produce buds, but it'll be a bud on a stick... not very good yeilds for the time and effort involved...


How to get around it? Well, you can match daylight hours outdoors to the cloning process, so if it's 15/9 day/night outside then use a similar cycle to clone with... They'll take longer to clone, granted, but they'll also be used to the light outdoors without prematurely flowering themselves. And having motherplants on 24/0 will exacerbate the problem of indoor to outdoor transfer too... I don't keep plants under 24 hours of light, mostly because I don't think it makes much difference to the growing process, and there are some processes in the plants which need a dark cycle to complete... I am not saying that 24/0 will harm your plants, I don't have any evidence of that, but I would say that I don't think the benifits of those extra few hours is worth the expense. I'm sure many growers here will say that it does make a diff, and it's up to you what you do, just offering my opinion... aaaaanyway, the point is that if you match the light cycle, (keep it perhaps even a little lower than the outdoor times, to give a bit of an extra photoperiod boost) then your clones should react accordingly and maintain their veg...


But really, until ya do it, there's no real way to tell....


Hope that helps mate, let us know how it goes... I think the potential for indoor cloning/outdoor growing, particularly using media based hydroponic systems outdoors under the nuclear fusion reactor in the sky, is tremendous... :( The problems involved can be solved, IMO, but the problems will inevitably mostly be specific to the grower/plant/enviroment they have, so no panacea cures unfortunately... :D

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