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Gues who's room's got a whirlpool?


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Hey if anyone's had a bad day here's a little story..... I noticed a little bit of water under one of my trays in the bloom box. So, I had to pull it out and check where it came from. And it's like actually a lot of water, all held in by the plastic I lined the bottom with. So I swear a bit and start moppping it up, pull out the tray and it turns out the grommet had broken on the drain tube. It had been leaking for a while, but I didn't notice till I saw a little trickle coming out of the bottom of the door. Then I get it all cleaned up and I pull my plants out and leave the cupboard open to dry.

Go and have some cones and watch tv with GF. About an hour later I hear a splattering noise in the next room - it has a polished concrete floor. I go in and the 2 tubes that normally plug into my trays are spurting up into the grow box like a bloody dual water fountain. And there's like a mini pool on the bottom of the box and it's made a little waterfall out onto the floor of the room which is now looking like an indoor spa. And I'm really stoned... It turns out I disconnected my trays, but failed to disconnect the pump. So, twice in the space of about an hour I have flooded my spare room, and wrecked a few good bath towels. And I'm just in there on my hands and knees, totally wasted going "man I just cleaned all this shit up a minute ago". And then after it all GF goes "so how ya goin in there farmer?" Farmer!? More like Diver Dan. So thats what I got up to tonight.

Hope you had a good one. Wish you were here......


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Guest Wilderbud

Sucks to be you. ;)


I just have to say a few things... You can buy ringclips to stop hoses from coming off, you can leave the ringclip off the pump and if anything blocks itll probably blow off of the pump where it should be safe and also - fit a safety drain hose at all times incase the main drain gets blocked [if you have a tray/bucket over a reservoir]. You probably know all of this though.


Two more things - unplug the pump if you mess with hoses and dont hang a hose from the drain to anywhere but the reservoir. I almost flooded my place when I finished changing my water because I left a hose hanging from the tray to outside the reservoir and filled the thing from the tray - Im lucky I heard a few drips because it started flowing fast and I didnt have any plastic under the whole lot.


Ive never flooded anything but my tray. ;)


I would have loved to have seen your reaction when your girlfriend said "Hows it going in there farmer?" - HAHAHA! I should use that line for my sig. ;)

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I had a hose come off my pump. Fucken thing splashed fucken water everywhere. Worse, it pooled under my ballast boxes. (I should have had them up out of the way but my buds keep growing all over them.

I shit, thinking I was going to get fried. Hose clamps: Smart


Keep up the good work people, I enjoy coming here and learning something new every day, fantastic.


Time for a cone (again)


Happy toking!!


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