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A germing comparison.


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This isn't a bold new statement, just an observation. I recently germed some bb in two mediums - some in a perlite vermiculite mix put in the hole in a 2 inch rockwool block, and some in Bunnings seedling starter mix. The rockwool were done 1 week earlier. I soak overnite then put the seeds in whether they've germed or not. So - the rockwool, lost one seed the rest up in 4 days. The seedling starter, lost none, 2 up in 2 days after planting, the rest up on day 3. Now 3 weeks on the seedling starter ones look a lot more vigorous than the rockwool ones. And they are 1 week younger, but bigger leaved and thicker stemmed. I think the seedling starter may give a young seedling a better start in life maybe?

I'll have to do more sprouting.


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This whole germination thing has got me really stuffed. Just over a week ago I got some Northern Light seeds from Amsterdam. At the same time, a mate gave me a few odd looking seeds from god knows where. Some were green, some black, some fat some thin. Anyway, after reading all the conflicting stories about how to go about germinating, I decided to try out 5 different ways.

#1 was aptly named "The idiots way to germinate". That involved soaking the seeds for 24 hrs then straight into rockwool cubes that had been properly cured for 24 hrs.

#2 was to soak the seeds in a mix of superthrive, oxy plus and nutes for 24 hrs then into rockwool.

#3 This lot went into 4 layers of tissue and then covered with another 4 layers and dampened with distilled water. Put in a warm spot and left till sprouting then into the cubes.

#4 Next lot were put between layers of tissue and soaked in a weak nute solution until sprouting then into rockwool.

#5 straight into rockwool and kept moist.

Well, the results were almost the same except for #5 which are still trying to come up.

My good Northern Light imported seeds were done as in #3. After 24 hrs, they were plump and starting to sprout so I put them into the cubes. Next day, three had poked their heads thru the cube. I was rapt. BUT, I stuffed up. I had 3 spray bottles, all with different mixes in them. Unfortunately, after 4 days, I noticed they were not looking too good and then realised that I had been spraying them with 1/2 strength nute solution. I have flushed the hell out of the cubes and hope I can save them.

All the other seeds were from god knows what type of strain but they are a deep green and looking disgustingly healthy. Really pissed off. Typical weeds.

The winners of the race were the ones done with methods #3 & #4

Just goes to show that all the super thrive, oxy plus etc is crap.

I hope this has helped some of you and not confused you too much. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SPRAYING ON THE SEEDLINGS> Use just plain old water or distilled. Dont do what I did.

Good luck to all. God I hate the germination process. Anyone have any good hassle free ideas on germination please let me know.

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I use method #5 - straight into rockwool cubes, no soaking, no nutes just a pre soaked rockwool cube located in a nice warm place that provides bottom heat.. Light is optional IMHO.


The important thing to remember when you do it this way is that you must pinch, poke or squeeze the hole in the rockwool cube around the entire seed so the maximum amount of seed surface area is in contact with the moist rockwool. If you don't, and just drop them in the hole in the cube, then only a small section of the seed will be in contact with the surrounding rockwool. Result: The seeds may absorb moisture from only a small area of its surface and the whole seed may not become evenly moist, which could result in the seed not germinating.


I think if you have old seeds or seeds that are borderline viable then pre soaking them in paper or other stuff may help a little. I never bother with pre soaking and paper towel or cotton wool. Can’t see any real advantage unless you have crap seeds to begin with.


My 0.02 Euro cents worth.

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