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please help. i am growning for 2 weeks. no lights yet. the plant is in a pot. about 5 cm tall. the round leaves are starting to go yellow and two of the pointy leaves ave got brown bits on them. using natural sunlight. and kmart fertiliser. can anyone tell me how to keep it happy. it looks diseased. no money, so please advise in the cheap area if possible. if not, the expensive way and i will save and try better next time. thankyou if anyone can help.


ps. it has been a bit overcast in brissie at the moment, would that be a possible cause?


ps. sorry, i tried getting a pic, but its seriously out of focus. here it is anyway.

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the "round leaves" are to supply the seedling with nutrients until the taproot can scavage enough from the growing medium to sustain the plant. (works the same as a yoke in an egg)..these leaves will always turn yellow and drop off after they have served their purpose.

The brown tips on the other leaves might be from too much fertiliser. :D

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Guest Wilderbud

Wait till tomorrow and give them a 15 min flush with nothing but water to get rid of most of the fertilizer - if its a slow-release then pick it all out before you do this.


What sort of fertillizer did you buy and how are you planning to grow [indoor/outdoor and soil/soiless]?


Im in Brissie and the sun was beaming down today IMO - cloudy and overcast conditions are very different.

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thanks for the tips. umm.. i plan on growing indoor, in soil, need to get a light still.


by not sunny, i meant that there wasnt too much direct sunlught on it. the position im in meant that during the morning when that cloud was around, the plant was in shade, i just figured that that would not be the best situation for it?


the fertiliser is (hang on, must check packet) hmm, not sure, it just says 'gardeners choice - premium blend potting mix'.


is this killing it?

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the fertiliser is (hang on, must check packet) hmm, not sure, it just says 'gardeners choice - premium blend potting mix'


Is this fert WB, I thought it was just like a commercial soil for growing? :D because I put fert and potting mix in my syk or is it sick outdoor grow?


Hey SG can you do a "save as" and under the save as file name there may be a way to change the file to a jpg (tiff works but as others here told me it uses a lot of memory.) that is how I was able to get some pics on here, and hopefully WB will see this and reply and we will both have answer to the potting mix question. Good luck mate.

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Guest Wilderbud

Ugh, yeah potting mix isnt fertilizer and it could be [probably is] killing it - straight potting mix from KMart doesnt sound ideal. It could be improper watering too though - dont let it drown or dry out for too long. :D


Instead of just watering it for 15 mins [since it may be crappy soil] get a bucket of water and slowly sink the pot into the water and youll see bubbles coming through the surface - wait till the bubbles stop and youve got the water to the top of the soil and pull it out then leave it in the sun for a day. This will make sure the roots are getting water and oxygen and itll help leach any nutrients out that the plant doesnt need right now. If you water the plant and water either sits on top of the soil or drips straight out the bottom then the soil is probably not worth using - it should soak up the water and when the soil is fully moist [not wet] it should let excess drain. BigW sells nice soils - I have gotten used to buying soil from there but they might have some crappy soil too so its usually trial and error till you get something that works or else you can mix a few soils to get a decent medium.


If youre going to grow indoors then work out how much you can spend and what you can grow in then you can see what the options are. You can do a passive hydro system indoors for cheap or else setup an active hydro system - you can spend $500 to over $1000 depending on what youve got to grow with and how automated you want it to be and how many ounces of buds you want. Theres some ripoff shops so it pays to shop around for hydro supplies. ;)


Yeah itd be cool to see the plant but all it needs is a good watering and something to grow its roots in for now. This forum accepts GIF or JPG [JPEG] images only AFAIK. Most cameras actually output the image as a JPEG but scanners usually use MIFF or TIFF format so you have to convert them to GIF or JPEG.


Long post for this time of night - I need a cigarette. ;)

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