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what is best water 2 use


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out of all three i have used them all and only use the rain water because it would be the most clean.murry water turns to slime if left long enough and most areas i have lived isnt filtered the best .tap water goes up and down diff times of year with chemicals,i've never used chemicals to correct tap water when using it just left it for 24 hours but im sure there are chems and ppl will know them.lady.
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Plain old tap water left standing for a day to allow the chlorine to evaporate will do the job.

Rainwater is better providing you dont live near a steel works or copper smelter

If you want to spend some dollars reverse osmossis water is what a lot of indoor growers are using.

But the best water to use and the most expensive to produce is distilled water (steam distillation) where there are no disolved solids or other impurities....pure H2O, nothing more, nothing less. :P

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Rainwater rocks, but tap water left overnight is what most use. Or, if you're lazy like me, you'll probably get bent and forget, so you'll end up using water straight out of the tap ;) ::P: Some nutes you buy adjust the ph in the water for you I think, automatically. I don't have a lot of trouble with my ph, it's usually pretty good.
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the longer you leave it the more that evaporates 8 hours is better than straight out of the tap but straight out of the tap isn't too bad everyonce and a while it's just not a good idea to do it all the time if your just needing a watering now and forgot to leave some out then just go for it this time thats just my opinion though
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