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Monsta bud?

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I am wondering from any growers who have used monsta bud:

Does the period between turning to12/12 and flowering become longer when using this product? What i mean is does the plant just stop growing dead in its tracks and slowly(very) develop buds instead of stretching and growing buds at the same time? anyone using this product please share your knowlege...

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Guest Elefunk

Monsta bud is a flowering additive..


its not superbud.. dose not stop streching..

its is used in conjunction with your original flowering/bloom agents


only thing i noticed was the nice aroma.. it gave the buds..

nothing special..




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Most of these type additives are marketing bulldust , good strain and good feed , plenty of light and plenty of fresh air is all you need , a plant can only be as big as its genetics will allow , and you can max that out without all these potions , which generaly do you more harm than good .

The strain is the most singlerly important factor followed by good care and treatment in supplying what the plant needs when it needs it .


A plant is based on blackmans law which means it will only grow to the growth potentsial of its lowest variable .

Meaning if your entire system is perfect except the light is really poor , your plants will only grow the maximum that the lighting allows .


It is this reason and the fact that most people don't have it all perfect in all the areas that all these additives are a waste of money .


Keep it simple , use quality nutrients , good water , plenty of light , plenty of fresh air and you wont have a problem , and for yield all you got to do is make sure your stock came from good yielding stock .



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