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can unrooted cutting b rooted outdoors


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Yeah, you can root clones outdoors, but it's a longer process and they are also susceptible to a lot more disease and pest problems if you have them outside....


If you do it indoors, you'll only need a flouro light, as clones don't like too much light when rooting. Get yourself a 18 w compact flouro in daylight spectra (5000k colour temp, in other words, not the warm white ones...) and you'll be cloning in no time. :P


As to the rockwool question, yeah, that's one of the great things about the substrate, it's so bloody versatile. One thing tho, if you were to transplant them into soil, just transplant with the smaller cubes rather than the larger ones, and make sure the soil mix is well draining. They should go like bonkers. I also trim any roots outside the cube before transplant, and soak in a tonic like superthrive or even a mild seaweed emulsion. This assists with the transplant shock, although clones are taken in rockwool for that very purpose, they're great for reducing or eliminating transplant shock. :)


Hope that helps ya cheech. :P

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Guest Wilderbud

Make sure you dont put them on a cold surface if you do root them outside as this will surely cause problems. :P


If I was to clone outdoors Id bury a 6" pot and use peat/sand mix then make a shade+humidity tent for it - after 4 weeks Id pull the pot up and expect it to be fully rooted and wanting a transplant. Ill test this theory soon. :P

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