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growing by accident

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I once threw some seeds in my garden, and now I have a marijuana plant growing in my backyard ! . It's so pretty, its very small now, I wanna take care of it, but what should I do? how do I water it? is it getting enough sun? I live in Florida and it rains alot in here.. should I put it in a pot and take it indoors? what about light? If I just let it grow, I'm afraid it will die......



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You could try building small plastic bag type greenhouses over them to speed up its growth a bit or you could transplant them indoors and put them under lights. You would be lucky to get much yield from them outdoors as it is a bit late in the season now. Edited by Tom
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Dont water too much and it will be fine outside. I would water it once a week with plain water and cut the bottom of a 2 litre bottle and place it over the plant (take off the cap) and the cap end towards the sun. This will protect it from strong winds and harsh rains untill the stem gets stronger.


~ peace

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