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Pappa want's a brand 'nu hood

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OK Ladies,

the vaz-o-tron is goin in for a service and in all my time I have never improved upon the shitty little light reflector I got with my kit when I started. Well, I say "No More". I saw a bunch of hood on the net etc shops etc, . What's a good one for a 400 watt, roughly metre square cabinet? And what about air cooled? Are they heavy?

While I'm at it, does anyone use sunmaster globes? I saw yet another rave about them. I tried one once, but I swear the yield was less than with my son T, and the fucking theing blew after about 4 months.

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Guest BudWaver

Hey man..ducted air cooled are great for confined spaces or where extraction of hot air is a problem...but they are $$$$$


Cheaper option id the batwing style of shade.....but for better results Id use a nova..the 600 nova shade for the 400....allowing more area to be covered altho slightly more diffused...and heat wont be too much of a problem if ya got a nice extraction fan...I find it a better option in terms of reflecting light at your plants without needless loss...


Hard to summise really but value for money b4 you hit the ducted air cooled shades for me has got to be the nova shade...

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aircooling is less light because the glass sucks the light up. You got a big space I'm sure you got no heat problems, dont stress about the extra money for aircooled shade.


I got 2 small adjustashades with 400w in them. and another one I dunno the name of, but the adjustshades are best for the square areas. You know the ones?? that you bend backwards and join together with a wire, they are like a seagull. The other one is closed in around the sides and designed to be aircooled and fit in a closet, I dont like it because it cant get as close as there is no where for the hot air to go other than down.


Sunmaster work fine, I've never noticed any diff between lamps but I tend to get the lucagrow out of habit.

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hey whitcluster, aircooled doesn't necessarily mean you have a glass heat shield does it? The NOVA shades are good because they got a precut hole to connect 100mm ducting. I wonder if this is better for keeping heat under control as opposed to batwing and just exhausting out the top of the cupboard? I got a batwing adjusta shade and a NOVA, when I get set up again I'll test em both and let yas know.


Heat issues aside, I reckon the NOVA hoods are better for getting more light on your plants. But, like everything, its hard to say if it really does result in more buds or whether the difference is so small its insignificant.

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Yeah, pipe, spot on. You don't need to have glass in there, and you can still get a bit closer with a fan mounted on the hood for extraction. This is what I'll likely end up doing myself soon. :P Best of both worlds imo....


@WP After much reasearch into them, I've found that the technology currently being used for watercooled lights is a/ expensive as all heck b/ prone to disaster and c/difficult to maintain. By all means investigate yourself, but I don't think it's really necessary. :P

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