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Dead seeds


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I've been germinatin seeds for a long time, and over that time I've had like 2 not germinate. I usually presoak then into rockwool cubes. I use distilled water, keep em warm etc. I've never had a problem till -

Recently I got some Sensi NL, and went about germing them. Out of 10

I had 2 make it. A couple didn't crack but the others were all the same.

They had a little tap root coming out, but it had gone brown and they died.

One of them even cracked in the soak and had a tap root after a bout 6 hours, but after it went into the block - nothing. I pre treat the rockwool, but I also did a couple with just distilled water after the first few failed.

The seeds were in the original breeder pack, from a good seedhouse.

Never had a problem before. What's up with this? Poisoned rockwool?

Bad Karma? Stupidity? I don't keep the blocks too moist, and as I say Iv'e had no problems in the past. I've never grown pure NL before, but geez, do ya need a priest to bless the seeds or something?

Any ideas,


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