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My current grow


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Hey all through it was about time i put some info up on my current grow, i am growing verry berry #2 from seed it is about 6 weeks old and looking very nice i have tiped a few times, i have 2 Grate White Shark and 1 G13 (had 2 G13 but 1 did not make it :angry: ),clones that are kicking on very nicely now :D , thay are in a 30/70 mix of per/vernic on a run to wast system, i useing Amsterdam Indoors (bud&veg) and will useing Evolution Solution Extra Yield as a bud addive and my timer is set to water every 5 hours for 15 mins (i had it to run every 4 hours but seemed to just be wasting nutes, prob will have to turn back to every 4 hours as thay get bigger and need more) just a few pics will post better ones soon :huh:


1st pic VB #2 at the back G12 at the front.

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heh Ozmade... lookin' great.... lotsa room for those little fat bottomed girls to spread their wings... look out :huh: !


I turn to bud nutes about 10 days into flower.... contains some stretch in the 1st 2 wks of flower i've heard... if you think about it, the plant is vegging heavily in the 1st 2wks of flower until it settles into bloom. This says to me the plant still needs a fair dose of nitrogen for the first couple of weeks into flower. After the 10 days, i flush the system with plain water for 2-3 days, then straight into full strength flowering nutes.


Not very technical, maybe someone else knows a bit more :D

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Hey Ozmade, nice grow man...


A couple q's for ya, you say it's a rtw system, and I can see you have containers underneath the individual pots for the water to come out... why are you doing this? As opposed to a single collection container which a drain line or two from each pot goes into.... Just a bit wasteful I would have thought. Still, I'm sure you've considered these issues... you must have a very good reason. :D The pots aren't actually sitting in water tho are they, they're on top of something and sitting above the drain water line? :huh:


As to the nutrient changeover question... most growers change at the photoperiod change. Tabbycat has suggested that plants are still veggging a few weeks into flowering... and whilst they are growing, it's a preflowering stretch to build the structure for the coming flower clusters, rather than true vegetative growth per se. However, there is a school of thought which follows what you've said there tabbycat, some growers do maintain higher n ratios in their nutrients, (or just use veg nutes) for a week or maybe two after the light switch. I've yet to see if this assists much in end yeilds, but I doubt it would really harm them. Any more than a couple weeks tho, particularly with a short flowering strain, could be damaging to flower production. Once the stretch stopped, if I was doing this, I'd start on the bloom nutes.


But hey, there are so many different strains, setups and ferts out there it's really what you find works for ya. I get good results switching nutes at the lighting drop, so I'll probably continue to do so for now. Still, it's something that growers should consider.


Anyway, Back to Ozmade, good growing man, I'll be watching this thread closely man. A couple more q's and I'll leave ya alone, what do you have in the way of an extraction fan? And have you got an oscillating or at least a standing fan in there for air circ? It can really assist a healthy grow to stir the air as much as possible, not to mention the advantages given to plants through a stronger stem growth from the breeze... ;) Not too strong, just think light breeze, or at the least get the air circulating around the room at plant height. ;) Just a tip there, if you didn't have one.


Looking forward to the future pics man.

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Hey luke with the way i have it now each pot with it own dish is what i had on hand at the time, i have done all my growes this way so far and done ok, but yes i do understand what u are saying it is wastfull and takes up a lot of room as well but i just about have every thing set it up a lot better with my next grow, it takes me a little time to get things tougher as money for me is very tight so i get what i can when i can but hay that if life :huh: , with air flow i have a 300mm barthroom fan to such air out (that is on its way out :angry: )and for air in i have 2 computer fans pumping air in, i did have a lil desk fan but it gave up the gost ,but with the 2 computer fans give the plants a slite movent with the air going around them, i have had my clones for 2 weeks and in that time the main stem has got at least 3 times thicker but will keep an eye on it and if have to get another desk fan i well.


Hey skankmaster yup useing a 400w HPS with a sun-t :D

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