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advice on preflowers?

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I just switched some plants into 12/12. One strain, Dutch Passion Orange Bud has 4 plants with male-looking preflowers. Three others have female pistals. I don't want to pull the "males" just yet after reading that some male looking preflowers can turnout to be females after 12/12. Is that true in your experience?


Can male preflowers release pollen?


I never really paid attention to the preflowers in my previous grows.


Thanks for any feedback!

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Hi there Geckoeyes, welcome to the site.


Yes, male preflowers can release pollen, and fertilise your females. One male flower can pollinate many female flowers, as it only takes one grain of pollen to fertilise a female stigma (the white "hairs" of the female) At the very least segregate the male plants away until your sure. You should be able to tell tho, if there are male preflowers on a plant, it's a boy, or at the very least a hermi.


Don't know who told you male preflowers can change tom or turn out to be females after 12/12... :huh: Preflowers are just the plants way of letting you know its ready to flower, it will only show flowers which are it's sex. If it's got a little stalk joining the flower to the node, it's a boy.


My advice? Pull them boys. Keep the girls and grow yourself some damn good bud. :D


Any chance of a pic? ;)

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