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See what happens When dont listen

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Now i know little bit go away Now this is a prime example for ppl that dont listen an jump the gun , Now i was told should wait 1 week or so before givein any more to see how they react Mr me did an this is what happened, I have stopped doin door for a while i feel an have the babys out side (HOPE NO shit SEE THEM lol an flushed them a few times, they all all gaining color back to their little leaves,

this one is slowly recoveing But might die yet


NUte burn Sucks


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Guest Wilderbud

Unless you have grown before Im not surprized. Its good to try things to see what happens so dont beat yourself up over feeding a seedling. In inorganic medium like perlite you should use a very weak nutrient feed so I think the only thing you may have done wrong was use a strong nutrient mix?


I may have been the person to say hold off for a week and Im fairly sure you were in soil at the time? Soil is an organic medium so it can support a plants growth up to a few nodes - I use peat+perlite and dont feed for 2 weeks but if I used just perlite Id go for a 1/4 strength feed before planting to get some nutrients into the medium [ask a perlite grower about this first feed though as I am only assuming this is the right thing to do since perlite has no nutrients].


Better luck next time and the plant looks healthy enough to live - my clone looks worse than that and I expect it to survive.

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Its still the same mix perlite/potting mix

I just added extra perlite on top to stop them from drying out


I was goin to keep them in as much real sun as they can get an then was goin to do like 5-12pm indoor , yes i have found that 20ml of the nute solotion is dam plenty for little plants like mine..any more is silly iv now know.

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