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indoor/outdoor help needed


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hello fellow growers.can any help ????growing indoor from seed wanting to know if i take outdoors what light cycle would be best to start them 24 18 12 or so on ,and can this be done? and how long would u let them go until u take them outdoors as i have 6 months until mature. would appreciate anyones advice on the topic . keep up the good work
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Hi aceau and welcome to Oz Stoners lol u can start your plants off under ya light and them put them outside i dont think it really matters all though i could be wrong, just grow them to the size u want and then put then out side, i think i would my self start them off with 18 for a few weeks them put them out side i hope this has helped u a little.
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Yes this can be done. Most indoor growers use 18/6 or 24hr light to start thier plants off. If you started at 12/12 your plants would go straight into flower mode and you don't want that until they are a decent size. Most plants can mature in about 60-70 days. However if you want to grow them outdoors you will have to rely on the season to set the lighting cycle.



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