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Welcome Back! What Happened?

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High Stoners


We can only once again apologise for the prolonged delays in re-opening the forums, however here they are and we hope you like them... But hey where's all the posts?


Basically we lost the database on the old forums due to crappy forums and a lack of support from the creators... so our only solution has been to open these new better forums up and keep the old open Here for informational purposes only as posting has been disabled (the server the old boards are on is full). Feel free to move any of you old topics over to these forums via cut & paste to get the info onto the new database and your member ratings back up.


We apologise for the fact that you also have to re-register... these new boards should make up for a lot of the hassles.


You may have noticed too we have registered ozstoners.com making it easier to Pass it Round!

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