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HELP! Light Rail photo's included

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Hi people I have a hurst light rail and the power cord that comes off the drive unit has 2 PROBE LIKE PRONGS.


Its not a power chord its like to prongs its weird.


i tried to plug it into a power point but almost elecacuted myself.


I also tried to plug it into the light ballast but again its wont even nearly fir into it.


I have enclosed pictures can anyone tell me how to power my light rail drive unit


please help:


cheers Mates




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first of all, I hope you never try to put a power point where it doesn't fit again. Easy way to melt, burn or blow yourself up :)


I know nothing about these light movers, but my guess is there are two possibilities.


1. There is a power unit that you didn't get with the light mover in which case you need to contact the person who sold it to you or the manufacturer.


2. The unit could be from another country (that looks like it may be a US power chord) in which case you'll need to get the right adapter from an electronics store. You'll also need to check if the voltage will work and may need a convertor for that as well.

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Check that the unit doesn't smell of burnt insulation, you may have just tried to run it at double its approved voltage, check the label which should tell you what the voltage is supposed to be. If it does smell of burnt insulation then you will have most likely destroyed it, it pays to read the instructions too, if you don't have instructions then find out more about them before playing games with electricity, plugs are different for good reasons.
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You have a US 120 volt unit... Definitely not a good idea to try and use em with our 240 v supply.


If you haven't fried it, then you should be able to get yourself a transformer... although these cost a bit I think. Someone else here should be able to help out with the cost on that. But yeah, you've been sold somehting designed for a US electrical fitting, I'd get your money back if you could... where did you buy it from? Cos if it was ordered from a company in Oz, and they didn't tell ya it was a 110-120 v unit, then what they did to ya was downright dangerous and illegal.


Hope you still have a working rail mate, I've been dying to get one myself, but I'm bloody poor and can barely afford media and nutes at the moment... :)

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It should say on the side of the motor what voltage it is, somewhere near the seriasl number. I'd agree that it looks like a 110v unit that needs a transformer, however, there are plugs like that in Africa that are 220v. So i'd say have a good look at it or contact the person who sold it to you. Hey Luke, dont worry man, you have the force so i'm sure your bud will be powerfull!
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yep its 240volts.


i brought it for $60 from the trading post. only the light mover with NO rail.


i have to buy the rail myslef.



i have and american transformer and i looked at it and thers no way to fir it into that either.


maybe ill cut it off and put a normail australia power head adapter on it so it fits into the normail wall power point



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what do you guys think if i cut off that head adapter thats on it now and wire up a new australian plug onto it????????


it couldnt hurt could it!!!


it is 240 VOLTS so it must have been brought from australia somewhere.


so if i do wire it up uts 240 volts and it should run thearetically.


ive never used one before and i might call around a few hydro shops ask what thay think.


i might post more pics to.


im baffled with this bloddy thing it was a good deal bought it 9 months ago and never used it yet.

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