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250w vs 400w hps

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I have read about the diffrece between 400 to 600 and a 1000w hps but is there a big diffrence between the 250w and the 400w hps i know u use a little less in power but when it comes down to it will a 400w hps a better yeald at the end than a 250w or will the 250w do just as good :)
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Guest weekprik

I have found that I get ALOT more buds from my 600 than I do from my 400, so i assume once again that a 250 wont yield alot, but if its enough buds to keep you supplied then what else matters??


more light = More flowers, not sure about more plant ie veg though????

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the reason behind you getting a better yeild is about 45,000 lumens

with the 600 Vs the 400. = 50,000 / 55,000 max with a Hortilux or plantstar bulb. how big is your grow space ??? OZmade . the four hundred watter will light about a good 3 1/2 round circle . & will can grow 4 -5 good size plants or what ever you can fit in SOG method . a 250 watt HID will light about a good 2 1/2 foot area maybe a lil more ..but not much ... I have a 400 watt HPS in a 3 1/2 x 6x2 1/2 foot box & my shit is hummin .






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