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Marauding Possums

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Sometime in your outdoor growing life you may have come across the problem of Possums feasting on your favourite plants. Where I live, I have a family of possums living in the roof. Not much of a problem till those lovely buds appear and the next thing i know they are gone. I have even planted strawberries so the furry smegs can feast on them. No good. I have come across a plant called Quassia amara l. This is South American tree. You do not need to plant this as you can buy the Quassia Chips


You soak the chips in water for a few days strain the liquid and water your plants leaves and buds and no affect to the plant. Due to its bitter taste the possum/s modifies its behaviour and stops eating your plants. You reapply the liquid every two weeks till the furry smegs are gone.


If anyone wants the contact address to obtain Quassia Chips send me a Email and i will forward the info on. lol

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