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which nutes should i use for small grow?

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yeah im thinking maybe i should add some nutes but am clueless about it all, are they for veg stage or flowering or both? i want to keep the grow as organic and natural as possible so i dont have that chemical taste when smoking it, so what can i use apart from manure and stuff which is going to stink too much in an indoor grow, specially coming into summer lol and something easily available, should i just use osmocote or something from the local shop? im only growing like 9 babys right now, dont need a shitload of stuff or real expensive stuff...
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Hey Kermit

You get nutes for veg. growth and nutes for flowering. I would reccomend using some sort of nutes if you want your babies to be healthy and strong.

As for the chemical taste: that is usually when the plants have not been flushed enough(with ph balanced fresh water) before being harvested, you should flush for at least 1 week before harvest, personally i flush for a week and half before harvest.

You can buy organic nutes nowdays and i was surprised to find quite a range available at hydro shops, not just for veg and flowering, but bloomboosters as well. So if you want to keep it Organic you can.

If you don't have heaps of cash to spend there are Organic nutrients you can get from gardening stores like bunnings or nurseries.

What medium are you using?

I have used Organic soil, with Organic mulch to keep the soil from drying too fast(buy both at Bunnings at about 10 bucks /70 l each). I am using a combination of an organic seaweed solution, Nitrosol and natural fish emulsion "gro", all available(and organic) from bunnings at less than 10 bucks each. I am into my second cycle with then so they are good value.

My last harvest was absolutely smashing, beautiful sticky buds with a really sweet smell and taste and a great buzz- no harshness here!!!!

Unfortunately i didn't get a huge amount of bud, but what i got was well worth it, so i am going organic again. You can add weight by using an organic bloom booster, i will try it this time around as i have heard great things about the organic boosters. Just remember to measure nutes accurately when mixing for watering so as not to overfertilize, sounds strange but it is very common. If you are using soil you can save an overfertilized plant easier than other mediums by leaching it heaps.

Hope this helps, give organic a go and you won't be sorry.

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Guest Wilderbud

Id go for trace elements [if you havent got compost/fertilizer], urea and potash - should cost less than a redback for enough to throw around the garden too. lol


I used one level tablespoon of trace elements, urea and potash for my 1'x1'x2' hole and will be doing the same again soon. I used potash [and sphagnum moss] only in the bottom part of the hole and mixed the other salts into my peat moss.

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