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Yellowing of leaves

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I have two plants in the same pot, one clone from a prevoius mother and one seedling. The seedling is green as and very healthy while the clone has a lot of yellow leaves but is growing well and appears healthy. They have been in the same pot on veg. for about two weeks. Does anyone know why this would happen? They both get the same nutes, amount of light and are about the same size..
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G'day Taz stoner.

I am growing in Organic soil and i am using organic nutes at about 900-1000 ppm, i also flush every 1,5- 2 weeks or sooner if the plants look like they are a bit sad. I am using rainwater which has a ph of about 6,2-6,4.I don't have any access to a digital camera but i will try to get my laptop in there with the webcam tonight and get a few still pics. Like i said, the plants look very healthy and have been growing pretty fast, i just find it strange that the clone has yellowing leaves and the seedling is green as, and they are in the same pot.

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The seedling might still be getting its nutrients from the first set of leaves (cotyldons) the reason it is still green.

I agree with Taz stoner about the nitrogen deficiency but I have also transplanted clones in soil and found that the leaves tend to go a bit yellow until the plant gets over the transplant shock lol

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