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Whats wrong with my plant!

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Hey ppl! I recently transplanted 2 seedlings and one has taken off and the other seems to have ground to a halt, its got 4 sets of leaves out and the middles ones are the biggest and the bottem ones have no grown :rolleyes:

The plant next to it which was transplanted into the same medium and has the same ferts and water applyed is going mad !!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!

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Guest Wilderbud

It could be just the strain of plant. Some plants grow well and some dont. :rolleyes:


Check the PH levels and make sure to let the medium dry out at least every few days [root rot/disease can stunt the plant - happened with my latest grow].

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Funny that...same things happening with 2 of my [outdoor] plants. They're exactly the same age, in same size pots for the moment, same soil and ferts n everythign., but one is like a miniture version of the other.


What is a good size for a plant to be when you transplant it from a pot into the ground?



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hey Lofty.


Same thing is happening to my clones. Silly me got my friend to look after a mum and take some clones from her.

2 weeks later I pick up thge mum and a clone ( which ended up being two clones in the one rockwool) but I just thought he cut the clone near a fork so it just looked like one clonewith two low branches, so I bury the little bastards together and a week later he tells me there were two clones not one.

I get to work trying to Separate and then Repot.

Fast forward to today and the clones are fine. Just one looks half the size of the other due to the shock and some root damage.

Give it some time, if the plant stops growing at all for over a week I would consider taking some action.


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