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Watering down ferts !

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I recently set up a dripper system for my outdoor grow, which is growing nicely in the scrub up the row, why drippers? don't have to go near the crop as much in the summer ! But i have had a idea and just wondering if u ppl think it would work, If mix sum dynamic lifter up in water and then let it go through my drippers ? wouldn't be too concentrated would it ? :rolleyes:
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I wouldn't bother with thrive or any of the other conventional "water soluble" nutes, it's not really designed for dripper systems and it's not the best materials in the first place. You'll almost always end up with a precipitate, and it will not provide a really good spectrum for what you want. And don't, for the love of your plants, use dynamic lifter like you've suggested. IT will block up in seconds.... not to mention burn the living heck out of your plants if you make it too concentrated, which is practically guaranteed...


Use a good, hydroponic or hydro-organic nutrient from a hydro shop, or if you can only get to a hardware warehouse type place, then try the "Manutec hydroponic nutrient" they offer, it's a powder based two part, and with a little effort you can get a good dissolution. They also make a bloom booster for the flowering period. But if you're able to get a hydro nutrient specifically designed for water systems, there's a brand called Growth Technologies "COCO" which is good for soil based systems, it's designed for use in coco substrates, but I've had good results with it in soil.


Hope that helps. B) I'm sure everything I've just said will be directly contradicted within 5 posts, so it's sorta up to your own feelings on the matter as to what you feel is right, and trial and error... :rolleyes:

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Guest Wilderbud

I use any fertilizer+urea+potash in my peat/sphagnum then boost nitrogen levels using urea during vegitation one or two times and boost potassium levels using potash during flowering after a month - both are sprinkled around the plant or mixed up into a liquid and cost about $10 and last for ages [a few seasons for a few plants]. I hand water my plants and only need to give it a few litres every 3 days at the most.


I potted a plant into this setup 2 days ago and its already growing bigger leaves than the CF could grow and one other plant started flowering a few days after being put outside in this setup + perlite [too dry for outdoors - it was an experiment]. :rolleyes:


I'm sure everything I've just said will be directly contradicted within 5 posts,


Manutec also makes urea and potash - heh. B)

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