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hi all just wanted to say that my outdoors grow this season will be mainly to find good females to clone for future grows ;) i planted 3 seeds of each and i checked on them not long ago and 100% viability ;) so now im just waiting for them to grow up ;)



white russian

kali mist

mango x skunk


all the strains are really potent and nice tasting so fingers crossed i will be able to make about 10 clones of each in a month or 2.....I will try and post some pics but i only got this shitty web cam atm and its fucked ;)

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Guest Wilderbud
Mango X Skunk sounds good - Id let one grow outside and take a pic when its fully flowered - Im guessing itll grow plenty of huge colas without needing to be tipped [ive seen Mango flower outdoors - my seed autoflowered too so there was bud everywhere]. ;) Edited by Wilderbud
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