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4ftW 6ftH 6ftD Growroom

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:) Yeah 42 watts per square foot should do the trick . What size system? 4'x4' ? Also depending on what strain you select . Go for a short compact indica . 10 plants mininmun 10 oz but hey it's all down to your growing skills and knowledge. Good luck with your grow . If you need any more help give us a yell. Bong On Oz Daz
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Guest Wilderbud

Sounds like plenty of light although an HPS produces a red spectrum so its going to stretch the plants. Id use either an MH or a SonTAgro HPS to get blue spectrum light which is better for growth. With 1000W HPS in such a small place you should get optimum flowering from your plants - Im going for 600 in a smaller space and think its overkill [400 handles 5'x5' nicely and my space is smaller than this].


A flood-and-drain [edd&flow] system is going to rock your socks - be prepared for fast growth if youre using expanded clay and/or perlite with good nutrients, air-flow and watering intervals. 1" of growth per day after the first few weeks is normal with hydro once youre experienced.


Huge light + eficient hydro system + excellent seeds = wicked heads. :)

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