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Weird seed like liquid filled things....

Guest Field_of_Light

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Guest Field_of_Light

Popped over to a mates place and was in the middle of trimming when I noticed these weird things on some branches and on a few of the leaves.


They kind of looked like half a seed shell attached to the stems mostly and the odd leaf....when you press them a yellow liquid comes out.....they are not part of the plant from what I can tell as no mark is left when it is removed off a branch or leaf...so they dont seem to be eating the chlorophil.....


There seem tobe 2 different types...the smaller browner ones and the larger darker brown ones


The look pretty gross....and no they dont move....


Its creeping me out :D

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Noticed these on my outdoor plants. I concluded that when I was getting lazy and pulling off dying shade leaves (rather than cutting them a cm from their base) the plant would secrete a resin that would harden into these small brown shells. After a bit they would form a scab which would come off easily (not that ithis was neccessary). The resin, sap, whatever, always had a pleasant sweet taste.
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Guest Field_of_Light

Thanks guys!


I think Gruntus hit it on the head.....


Thankgoodness they werent alive...I started itching mtself in case they were in some sort of hibernating state waiting for a host to come along and eat me... :D


Man im still scratching myself....needless to say I didnt go back to check em out...sorry no pics....

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