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6hr outside,12hr inside

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just wondering if this would work or not


room currently on 18/6.


say i had some clones that were ready to go 12/12 in a weeks time but i had some other clones that i still wanted to grow for another 3 weeks.


after the room went to 12/12

could i do this- each morning bring the younger clones outside at 6am and bring them inside at midday and have the lights programed to come on at midday and go off at midnight.


this would give the younger clones 18 hrs and when big enough just leave them in the room for 12 hrs to bud.



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thanks F-o-L


i hear what you are saying ,but i would then need to keep them in a different room or divide the room i'm in.


suppose i could do either


just thought i might get more grow out of them ,giving them 12 hrs @400 watts and 6hrs sun, than giving them 18 hr cf .??





love the errr.. motor bike. B)

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A lot of hassle, but it would work yes. And one day of 12/12 won't send them into flower, although one day of 18/6 for a flowering plant might send it back into veg... or at least reduce the yeild of the plant...


I'd advise just setting up a small mother room for your clones. You don't need as much space for a vegging plant as a flowering one, so take advantage of that. But if you're really set on this whole bringing them in and out thing, then go for it. You may find that the plant will have a large stress reaction from the first time it goes outside and back in, the environments in and outside are vastly different, and the light spectrum and intensity is something else too... If you want to make sure you don't hurt them when they go outside for the first few times, then just keep them in a lightly shaded area so they aren't scorched. Over time you'll be able to move them into full sun to get that gazillion watt hid light straight to the plants. Take it easy, and try and reduce stresses to the plant whereever possible. B)


That all said, it could be fun. Enjoy your future hernia! :B):

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point taken F-o-L


i will go for cf's in a seperate room i think


sorry , but just another thing i have been thinking about for a while now.....


say i had plants growing in seperate room (18/6 cf's) , and when plants in bud room were 2 weeks from being ready you changed your grow room timers to 12/12 . this would give it 2 weeks 12/12, then plants are ready, and come out of bud room and grow plants then get put into bud room.


because then have already had 2 weeks on bud ,would the crop be finished then in 6 weeks ;)


giving you a 6 week turn around in your bud room ,which could mean 8 crops a year.


hope this makes sense.

i,ve had a big weekend. B) B)

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Guest Field_of_Light

Yeh it kinda does....B)


If you want faster turnarounds then that is the way to go...that and finding yourself a strain which finsihes in 6 weeks....


It helps you get thru a good amount of bud for you to smoke yourself silly and keeps you busy at the same time....

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Moving plants outside and inside is only good as long as you know that the plant will not react or overstress due to the different lumination.


Moving plants from inside to outside can increase their growth potential egnormously due to the different intesity that the plants receive.


As long as you keep the plants outside at the same times during the day, or slightly later as it comes into winter the plant should show you some loving by growing immensely.

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Sounds like a good way to stuff your crop, you would be returning them to the grow room during the dark period each day and this could stress the other plants. You would also run the risk of taking bugs and such into your grow room with the plants, from winter to a tropical paradise, you could be overrun with pests in no time.
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Guest Wilderbud

Putting the plants outside then back inside is an easy way to bring insects into the growroom. :o


If all the clones are rooted Id just stick them in the flower room and let them bud but if you want to grow them then make a grow chamber or make the flower/clone chamber large enough to grow as well. lol

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