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newbie advice needed

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hi everyone :o

im in melb and wondering if its too cold to grow indoors here?

outdoors is not an option for me. I have a choice of 2 rooms, largish bedroom but carpet on the floor so could get messy, or small bathroom.

Im thinking putting the pots in the bathtub with a few lights on em would be ok? I dont have any great expectations, just a nice yield for me & my girlfriend, much prefer the cerebral, we dont like the stuck to the couch feeling as it doesnt leave much energy for anything :o

So any suggestions of a good strain /setup for my situation would

be great. And keep in mind i am renting so i cant affix lights to the ceiling or make other modifications.




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i suggest u go to the salvo's or some charity like that and buy yourself a wardrobe and start growing hydro....this will have a much quicker turn around, give u better buds (possibly but for this time of season i believe so) and is alot safer than having plant in the open...what cant be seen cant be used against u :o


sounds to me that u dont want a indica dom strain cause of the couch lock so i would go for something like a thai or haze strain which would suit what ur after down to a tee :o

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yeah mate you need a double wardrobe, a light (400W Son-T-Agro from a hydro shop) an extraction fan, a desk fan, pots, timer, medium, water, air, mj seed.


Robe should be at least 450mm x 900mm x 1800high. Put an extraction fan in the top. Like a small bathroom exhaust. Hang your light by hooks & chains, have light ballast outside cupboard. Paint inside of cupboard in flat white paint. Cut passive ventilation intakes near bottom. Chuck in pots, fill with medium, plant seed and water. Use nutes as per instructions and you're growing for around $500, maybe less.


growing is pisseasy, some go into it to the nth degree and make it seem complicated but its not. Just the basics will more than likely give you all the weed you need.

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Guest Field_of_Light

or with your spare room put panda plastic on the floor and walls and get someone to make a height adjustable frame for you for your lights...


then get your pots, clones, etc....and construct a simple recirc system

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A 600mm x 600mm x 1800mm does well too, although you need a fair bit of ventilation. Having said that, there are grows I've seen which are in literally tiny boxes, but they use smaller hps like 70 and 150 w, which are hard to get here in oz... But a 400w system should do nicely. This seems to be the avg for a grower on first grows, and it's more than enough for personal use...


The best bet for a renter who doesn't want to damage their living q's is a small wardrobe, you can make it as stealthy as you like, and if you need to cut or alter it, for christs sake it's yours and it only cost ya $50 or so, who cares! And that cupboard will grow you enough weed to be entirely self sufficient and then some.


growing is pisseasy, some go into it to the nth degree and make it seem complicated but its not. Just the basics will more than likely give you all the weed you need.


Never were truer words spoken, very well said pipeman.


Just read, and have patience, and you will be on your way to growing yourself some great gear!


Oh, and on the carpet thing? It can help to have a large sort of catchment area in the base of the cupboard, just use some thick panda film to make a waterproof base for the grow, and have it come up the sides a good 10cm or so. This will prevent any spills getting into the carpet as well as making cleanup so much easier.


And one more, with the sativa/indica thing, it's partly due to strain and partly individual. Most people find sativa dominant strains to be very uplifting and energetic highs, and the indica dom strains tend to make most people lethargic and body-stoned... If you want to get an up high, look for a sativa based strain, but if you're planning on growing indoors choose carefully. Most straight sativa strains are too lanky and large to grow well indoors, unless you've got lots of space. Look for a hybrid on some of the seedbanks, they should be able to help you find the strain that's suitable for the high your after, as well as bred for indoor growing.


Whew, have I written all that.... Geeez, this stuff is good... I'm going to be a veeeeeery stoned little grower when harvest comes around if this is any indication. Anyhoo, I'll leave you alone now, ::o:


I hope that post made sense...

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or small bathroom.

Im thinking putting the pots in the bathtub with a few lights on em would be ok?

Is this an extra bathroom that could be used exclusively for growing? If so it would definitely be the way to go for a simple hydro system, it shouldn't be too hard to rig a light hanger of some sort in there.


much prefer the cerebral, we dont like the stuck to the couch feeling as it doesnt leave much energy for anything

You need to look at a Sativa dominant strain.



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thanks for the response everyone, i like the community spirit around here :o

Well theres no stealth problems with me growing indoors as i live alone

and landlords are honest, they dont let themselves in etc. The spare room is fairly big though and im not sure how the lighting/heating thing would work. So im thinking i would need more lights to cover a greater area even if im only growing say 4 plants, because the light will not be reflected directly onto like box walls would. I hope im making sense, hopefully you will get what im meaning. :D

Anyway there is also the bathroom which im tending to think would be the better option, tiles etc are pale yellow/white so pretty much perfect for reflectivity, theres no carpet so i wouldnt have to worry about damaging it, its relatively small so also good for keeping heat/light in but it does seem to get colder than other rooms as i guess most bathrooms do. Was going to just stick the pots in the bath which i hardly ever use. Its not a spare bathroom and i will still need to use the shower etc, would the stream be bad for the plants? i would think the moisture would be good for em but am no gardener (yet) What do y'all think? :D

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I reckon its a bad idea to grow in the bathroom if you need to use it :D You're asking for mould and also when you're flowering the growroom needs to be pitch black for 12 hours, no exceptions.


Buy a 2nd hand double wardrobe for $50 or so and stick it in a spare room would be my suggestion. or, use a built in robe you may already have, or, you could just hang a light in a spare room as long as you can block out the outsdie light. Its not critical to encase your grow area in reflective material. Its much better if you do, but you'll still probably get enough smoke to keep you happy with a 400W light hung in a sprare room with a few plants under it.


if you live in a house with a relatively private garden, you can grow in your backyard, rig up some shade cloth to hide your plants, your plants will still grow well enough underneath it.

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hmm yeah mold, i forgot about that which was stupid coz there are already ugly spores of it on the ceiling due to there being no fan

in there. ;)


yeah i have got a BIR in the spare room but the bottom of it is carpet

and i was under the impression i would have to cut it to let fans in/out etc? though i guess i just leave the door open a wee bit instead?

btw the BIR measures 5ft tall 5ft wide 50cm deep and it has a

shelf ontop of that which would be handy, also the hanger rod

which i could hang the lights off. Only thing im worried about

again is any damage the moisture/heat might do to

the inside of the BIR, and is there any chance of these things

catching fire due to excessive heat? ok so i worry alot :D :o


i would rather not stuff around finding a wardrobe if i dont need to

but maybe that would save the worry. Or i might just hang the light

over a few if you think they would grow ok with this, like i said

though, what about the cooler climate, wouldnt i need a heater

on 24/7 as well so the rooms warm enough? :D

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