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what the hell is my mate

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hello guys,


to be honest i'm quite shocked to discover do many coneissuers,.. and i thought i was a junkie... :o.


anyway, ages ago my mate found a seed in some bud and decided to grow it, can't remember what the gear was like, don't even know if it was hydro or bush, in fact i'm very intrigued to hear about all the different vareties out there, and i thought they were only things found in europe amsterdam etc.


he germinated the seed in january 26 (australia day or some public holiday) so he's had it for half a year and it's nowhere near flowering...


i know the growing conditions aren't right but... it's in a 30cmx45cmx120cm box, yes it's tiny... and he has 2 compact 8W fluros plus one compact 11W fluro... it's been on 18hrs light period, since we've had it. it's in a 30cm (diameter) pot, in dirt plus this one step fertiliser solution, got it from a hydro store, and the lady said it's good for mj.


was hoping you guys would know what type of mj it is, and all that other stuff that is cool to know bout your plant...


oh yeah, with the actual leaves,... we've jus been chopping em up and letting them decompose in the pot, someone said you can use them to make hash cookies, i was under the impression that you needed leafy bud,... so is it true that you can use actual leaf? if so how much


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hey serotonin,


Its impossible to tell what kind of plant it is from pics. Do you know that to make it bud you got to change the light period to 12 on 12 off?


You won't get much yield with those fluoros, it'd probably be worthwhile to replace those bulbs with the largest compact fluoros you can buy. Like 23watters or something.


The plant may double in height between start of flower to finish. So if its too tall for your space you may need to top it or tie it down.


Yeah you can make space cookies with leaf. Best to wait till harvest though, you want to leave all your leaf on the plant to help grow those buds.

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hmmm... ok... yeah i've been trimming it every now and then cause it's in such a tiny box... so i was thinking if i'm cutting em anyway then i may as well put it into good use...


no idea if as to gender...


does topping mean actually cutting the main stem at the top... where the new shoots come from???


at the moment the first branches are starting to have there own branches... would now be an ok time to change to 12/12


as for yield and lighting,.. yeah i know it sucks but i haven't got space... higher wattage lights... the cursed thing gets quite warm as is, i've put little holes at the top to allow some heat and humidity to escape, but the box is in my wardrobe... parents...


at the end of the day i'm just a uni student, never wanted to deal, just wanted to have a sweet ounce, and the experience,... and i find it quite therapeutic to watch... you can tell that i'm new to this hey...



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Guest Wilderbud
Topping [or tipping as I call it] means cutting a top node off [FIM is cutting half of a growth tip]. I wouldnt tip your plant as theres not much leaf there - Id tie it 2/3 of the way up and bend it right over and tie it to the pot. Both methods will make your plant branch like crazy but if you use scissors on your plant expect a day or two of recovery time [no growth].
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