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Cannabis link to male fertility

Guest Urbanhog

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Guest Urbanhog
Cannabis link to male fertility


Men are today warned that smoking cannabis could affect their fertility. Scientists have uncovered new evidence that the drug upsets the male reproductive system.


They fear it could reduce the amount of testosterone - which plays a key role in sperm production - produced by the body.


It may have a serious impact on the body's natural hormones and they want more research to assess the risk.


The warning comes in a study by scientists at Aberdeen University, who examined the impact of cannabis on male mice.


The animals, whose reproductive systems are similar to those of humans, were injected with cannabinoids - cannabis derivatives - to see if they changed natural messages from the brain to the testes regulating testosterone production.


Because the testes also produce testosterone of their own accord, as well as reacting to brain signals, the research team also looked at whether cannabis affected this function.


The results suggest that the drug has a significant impact on both processes. Dr Paul Fowler - from the university's department of obstetrics and gynaecology - who led the research, said: "Our study suggests that cannabis interferes with the hormones needed for reproduction.


"It appears to affect the way the testes make and release testosterone, and has an impact on the way the brain regulates production of the hormone."


The team found that in mice, cannabis may actually boost the amount of testosterone produced as a result of brain signals, but it reduces the amount produced by the testes. Dr Fowler said: "These two things could add together to have a serious negative impact on testosterone production.î


The research, to be unveiled at a major fertility conference in Aberdeen today, reignites the debate about the potential dangers of so-called soft drugs.


Cannabis is the most widely used drug in the United Kingdom after alcohol and cigarettes. Home Office figures suggest that a third of all 15-year-olds have tried it. Experts estimate it is responsible for 30,000 deaths in the UK every year. Last month, it emerged that cannabis users are seven times more likely to suffer from mental illness, triggering fears of an epidemic of schizophrenia.


The United Nations drugs watchdog has warned that the Government's "softly, softly" approach is putting the health of a generation at risk.


Critics say the decision to downgrade it to a Class C drug has sent out the wrong message, encouraging people to think it is safe. Studies show that nine out of 10 children believe it is legal.


Scientists have speculated that falling sperm counts among European men are due to the surge in the use of recreational drugs. Previous studies on mice suggest that women who smoke marijuana during pregnancy risk damaging their baby's reproductive system.


from here.

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Guest Urbanhog
Well... maybe not, it can be good for some blokes, I mean it lessen the risks of some crazy lady coming to you 9 months later with a child support lawsuit. hehe :o
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Guest Field_of_Light

Scientists have speculated that falling sperm counts among European men are due to the surge in the use of recreational drugs. Previous studies on mice suggest that women who smoke marijuana during pregnancy risk damaging their baby's reproductive system


I read a few years back that the falling sperm counts were due to the people and practices in the 1950s with their widespread use of chemicals which are now banned and that subsequently has been stored in bodies and passed on to their kids. We are paying for their mistakes....


So who buys Organic Foods?


Just a thought......

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I remember the tit scare :o. I've smoke daily since I was a kid of 16, and a few years previous fairly consistently. I'm damn near forty and have 5 kids. So much for that theory.


I've also read the BS that ya kids will all be mutants that can't read or something. I have a son that was dux of his school, a daughter that has finished her degree of compter analyses and computer market researching, another that is doing well in her degree. One of the kids is only a very young girl, proving that fertility doesn't seem to be effected way into my decriped age :o, with her being nearly 20 years beind the eldest. She's showing strong signs of being an early reader/writer. I have one boy that's 13 that absolutely hates school, and would break his arm to stay home just one day.


Karen didn't smoke or drink through her pregnacies, except for just one, and he's the smartest.


Oh well...what do you expect from a buch of jerks clutching at straws?




ps. I'm kinda fat these days, and just looking in the mirror, I do have rather flabby tits......

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