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How long can I leave a plant unwatered?

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Hi all,


Just wanted some advice - am a first time grower, with 1 plant growing enclosed in a bathtub under 400w light.

It is about 40 days in 12/12 and buds are looking very healthy (Only a few red hairs have appered) - plant is about 2 1/2 foot high and is hand watered in perlite (only nutrient added is 'monsta bud')


I have to go away for 5 days and I am worried about not being able to water it - is this too long to leave without watering + there is a ceiling fan that I have to manually turn on. Should I be worried??????????


Any advice would be most appreciated....


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How long till you go? Give your plant a massive watering and see how many days b4 it drys out


OR you could setup some kind of cheap dripper.... just get like a 2-3L bottle and hook a dripper upto the end and let gravity feed it would probably work good for just a few days.

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I would give it a really good watering before you went, turn off you HID and hang a couple of compact fluoros in there on 18/6 instead, the plant will use less water that way. A dripper system on a timer would of course solve your problem completely. If not at least put the pots just before you go in a pot saucer or shallow tub of water. Perlite don't hold much water, but if I had to bet I would say the plant would wilt but would survive.
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