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Happies Garden. A couple Bubbling Ideas.

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GDay Ozstoners.

Just thaught I might kick of a thread based on different bubbler Ideas. I have noticed that there are a few growers out there taking advantage of these simple & sweet systems. Well, each and every grow has its own spin, so feel free to discuss any improvements or flaws you have all encountered.


To take a look at my garden and a couple bubbling Ideas take at look at

Bubbling Away

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Sorry about the images as my comp skills are zero to none. Will prob take me a while to figure out how to resize them and such. Till then I hope yous enjoy the links to my gardens.

Well thanks for your time and interest.

Feel free to add any experiences or suggesetions.


Happy Jay

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Guest Field_of_Light

happy are you sure thats a big enuff air pump...B)..or is that run all your airstones? Im assuming you have more than one?


very nice indeed.....

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High everyone, Thanks for the comments.

The pump is a little noisy but I got used to it, (no more than the dryer on in the next room type thing), but it does the trick well. If I could describe the perkiness that the exta air gives the ladys it would be to say between normal an erect nipples B).


I have been growing hydro for abot 8years, (not ganja but orchids &veges), and indoor hydro/soil MJ for about two now, (on and off though, 5 indoor picks total). At first I baught a Dutch Pot System and Grow Chamber from Grow Aus. This was alright butt then I was bored & made some bubblers, NFT Gullis/Ebb&Flow Gullies/2x4"sq. Flood&Drain Tables, a couple smaller ebb&flow containers etc. etc. etc. Most still just waisting space in the corner of my garage.

At the moment I have just finished moving and currently run two grows. I have a small home bubbler system for fine quality perso, ( only just dodged together at moment),and a shed, (away from home), running for a little extra play money.

I have only just picked my first bounty from the shed with approx, 33oz,@16 girls, 6weeks veg from seed, 8 flower. (I should have veged for longer but damn!).

Next run is another soil but from clone. This time I will only run 8 plants down one side as I am trying to integrate my new drip system. It should hopefully be in full cycle in the next week or so, (just got to finish the Veg Chamber and wait for the clones to finish), with a perpetual harvest every month.


To follow more on Happies New HomeMade Sytem


Hopeing to get some clones from SPC, (just got to make contact), and see how they go???

Does any one know if you can get like 3strains@2 clones per strain or even 6 different strains etc?

Cheers abyways.


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Cool Bananas Everyone.

I just got word from Rodwal about some clones so I decided to cut everything at home, clean/sterilize and prepare for some ST#3.

Cant wait to grow some of this out, does anyone have any comments on the Sweet Tooth?

I am going to try rebuild my flowering chamber for a bit more room, better air flow and light containment before the clones arrive. Hopefully the Glass Slippers I am running in soil will be almost ready to sex soon too.

Cheers Oz.


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